KOKTEBEL ЗАКЛИКАЄ БУТИ ВІДПОВІДАЛЬНИМ. Переходячи на цей сайт, Ви підтверджуєте, що Ви вже досягли 18-річного віку.


The taste was born in a special climate, where the grapes ripen under the breath of sea and mountain air. KOKTEBEL cognac masters, who are recognized in Ukraine and abroad, have created and preserved the quality of the legendary drink. For more than 140 years, KOKTEBEL cognacs have been made according to the same classic recipe with author’s secrets passed down from generation to generation.

  • The first secret is choosing the best alcohol.

    To preserve the legendary taste, we use carefully selected cognac distillates from Georgia - a region with unique and most favorable conditions for growing the best grapes.

  • The second secret lies in its special mixture.

    We carefully approach the creation of mixtures of cognac alcohols of different ages. Only properly selected young or aged alcohol and skillfully defined proportions allow us to achieve a noble color, delicate aroma, and harmonious taste of all our cognacs.

  • The third secret is in oak barrels.

    All aromas of KOKTEBEL’s cognacs are a natural result of aging grape alcohol in centuries-old oak barrels. The third one saturates the drink with various extracts, including notes of nuts, spices, and chocolate.